Georgetown Research LLC is an independent research company based in Washington, DC, with affiliates worldwide.

We provide value-added, actionable research, analysis, and applied services for confidential private and government clients.

Georgetown Research talent consists of a global network of seasoned scholars, practitioners, subject-matter experts, and analysts. We combine traditional scholarly research with advanced and emerging technologies.

We take unorthodox analytical approaches to see what others do not. Our multicultural, multidisciplinary teams provide clients new and unusual insights that few university-related or institutional shops can offer. For special clients we combine human research with Big Data analytics and AI, and conduct applied research along with strategic design to help clients implement their decisions.

We handpick our global network of experts who see the world through different lenses than the established mainstream. Our work products reflect this difference. We have no formal affiliation with any university. Everything we do is designed with integrity to add value for our clients.